2021 Docents Meeting

Pre-Conference Roundtable for Docents

On Thursday, February, 11, Docents from the throughout the state will take center stage as CMF brings this important group together for the third straight year to discuss challenges and successes in their endeavors bringing the Mission and Presidio story to countless visitors, tourists and students. Hospitality, Covid, and Virtual Tours will be among the topics.

All Mission and Presidio Docents, as well as those from other related historic sites, are invited to attend this meeting free of charge.

All participants for each of these roundtables are required to register on the CMF website with an email address to gain access to the meeting.

Register for Docent Meeting Here

Docents: Their Important Role

At every historic site, docents are vital to the experience, telling the story from Missions to Presidios, including Indians, Franciscans and Soldados. CMF board member Donna Friess volunteers as a docent at Mission San Juan Capistrano. She is chairing the committee planning the upcoming Docents Roundtable, and shares her story as a docent, "You are old but you are fast!"

Docents by Donna Friess