2021 Directors Meeting

California Missions and Presidios Directors Meeting

Successfully Presented Virtually by California Missions Foundation

Held on Thursday, February 11, 2021, 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

A virtual CMF conference recently provided unique opportunities to bring together those serving on the front lines at our Missions, Presidios and related historic sites through a pair of roundtables.

At midday on Thursday, February 11, CMF hosted a pre-Conference roundtable for Missions and Presidios executive directors, pastors and key personnel to explore a variety of topics from fundraising, to marketing, to operations. CMF proudly provided a platform to help strengthen the Missions and related historic sites as they move forward in 2021.


CMF Welcome
12:00 pm







Michael H. Imwalle, Board Chairman, California Missions Foundation
David A. Bolton, Executive Director, California Missions Foundation

Mission And Presidios Director Introductions
12:05 pm

A chance for each participant to introduce themselves, their site and briefly update the group regarding the challenges and successes during Covid.

Session I: Keeping Our Doors Open
12:30 pm







Jewel Gentry , Mission San Juan Bautista
Topics: Visitors, Tourism, Field Trips, Gift Shop, Covid

Session II: Surviving
1:00 pm







Mechelle Lawrence-Adams, Mission San Juan Capistrano
Topics: Marketing, Fundraising and Development

Session III: Being Relevant
1:30 pm







Fr. Tom Elewaut , Mission San Buenaventura
Anne Petersen, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
Topics: History, Community, Spirituality, Diversity, Future of the Missions

Open Round Table
2:00 pm

To conclude the meeting.