Mission Grants

Grant Applications

Annual Mission Grant

California Missions Foundation Annual Mission Grant Applications are accepted each year February 1 – June 30.

Mission Grants Process

The Executive Director of the California Missions Foundation receives and reviews all grant requests and presents them to the full Board of Directors at the organization's Fall meeting.

The California Missions Foundation will accept applications for the Annual Grant Cycle from February 1 through June 30. Applications will be reviewed by the CMF Board of Directors, if additional information is required you will be notified via email. Grants up to $10,000.00 are awarded at the Fall Board meeting.

For questions about the criteria, or CMF grants in general, please contact the Executive Director, David Bolton, at grants@californiamissionsfoundation.org.

The CMF Executive Director will help you with your grant requests and with expertise in the preservation field. The California Missions Foundation can also arrange Board Member visits to your site to familiarize the Foundation with your particular needs.

California Missions Foundation Funding Guidelines

Funding requests will be prioritized according to the following criteria, asking these questions:

Historical Integrity

  • Is the project important to the historical integrity of the site? Is the project, as outlined, compatible with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards? What is the uniqueness of the artifact or structure to be preserved?
  • Project examples: preservation of buildings, water systems, statues, etc.


  • Does the situation to be remedied pose a safety hazard or concern to people, the landmark, or the art or artifacts to be preserved? Are the structures or objects in danger of damage or loss, or do they pose a hazard to the public?
  • Project examples: safety glass in cases, earthquake stabilization of structures or statues, security systems, work to eliminate hazards or allow wheelchair access for the disabled, emergency exits, etc.


  • How stable is the condition of the art/artifact, building, or feature involved in the proposal? How long can it remain stable before damage accelerates and successful preservation is no longer possible?
  • Project examples: conservation of original paintings, statues, adobe walls, furniture, vestments, wall paintings, etc.

Preservation History of the Site

  • Do the stewards of this landmark site have the ability to carry out the proposed project to a successful outcome? What is the history of preservation on the site? Are the caretakers "good-faith" stewards of the public trust? Do they exhibit an awareness of the historical uniqueness of the site?
  • The better a mission is taken care of, and the greater the degree of preservation efforts, the more likely the California Missions Foundation will award future grants. Grants used inappropriately to lessen the historical integrity of the site will result in denial of current and future funding.

Special Projects

  • Does the project fall outside our normal guidelines, but represent a compelling local need?