Articles on California's Mission Period

Articles on California's Mission Period

The primary goal of the California Mission Studies Committee is to further the study and understanding of the people, culture and history of the California Missions. To meet this goal, we include full-text Articles related to the California Mission period.

A Day in the Life of A Friar
By Tom Davis

Agriculture, Drought, and Chumash Congregation in California Missions (1782-1834)
By Robert H. Jackson with Anne Gardzina

Agua Mansa: An Outpost of San Gabriel, 1842-1850
By R. Bruce Harley

California Mission Music
By William John Summers

California's Inland Chain of Missions
By Tom Davis

Copper Basin Found in San Luis Obispo county - Is it from the Mission Period?
By Luther Bertrand

Critiquing the Critics: Assessing California's Native Peoples
By Robert G. Schafer

Doña María of Two Adobes
By Glenn Burch, Historian, California Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Sonoma

Horno Construction Techniques at La Purisima Mission State Park
By Joe McCummins

Mission Vocabulary
By Jake Ivey

Poverty and Wealth: Franciscan Dilemma in the Alta California of 1769-1835
By Brother Guire Cleary, S.S.F.

Restoring Heritage Plants From California's Missions
By Jerry Sortomme

Stealing California's Mission Past
By Robert Hoover

Soldados de Cuera
By Joseph Adamo

The Earliest Libraries in the Californias: Jesuit Missions of Baja California
By Robert H. Jackson with Anne Gardzina

The History of the Santa Barbara Mission Archive Library
By Cres Olmstead

The Past in California's Landscape
By David Hornbeck

The Presidios of Alta California
By Sasha Honig

The San Bernardino Estancias
By R. Bruce Harley

Theft From Mission San Antonio
By Robert Hoover

Translator's Notebook: The Mission Church and Its Furnishings
By Norman Neuerburg

Weights and Measurements in California's Mission Period
By Kenneth Pauley

Wine at the California Missions
By Eve Iversen