"All Aboard the Bus" Mission Field Trip

"All-Aboard-the-Bus" Mission Field Trip Registration and Grant Application Program

The California Missions Foundation, with grants from the William H. Hannon Foundation, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation's Youth Fund, The Marjorie and Edward Illig Family Foundation, the Pebble Beach Company Foundation, the Upjohn California Fund and Montecito Bank & Trust, and individual donors are pleased to provide funding for Title 1 elementary schools to take 4th grade students to their local mission in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Monterey, Santa Barbara Counties and beyond to see first-hand the rich history of our state.

Grant Deadlines

Applications for the CMF "All-Aboard-the-Bus" School Field Trip Grant will be accepted from November 1 -  March 31. Only one online application per school is accepted for all 4th grade classes at the school. Completed online applications, including a written quote from the bus transportation company, must be submitted no later than March 31. The ultimate deadline to submit your grant report and an invoice for reimbursement is June 1. The California Missions Foundation will award grants in October.

Applying for a Grant

Title 1 elementary school 4th grade classes in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, Monterey and Santa Barbara Counties are eligible to apply as well as a few schools outside these areas. The grant covers 100% of the cost of transportation (up to $1,000.00) for students, teachers, and chaperones. CMF will issue the cost of the bus directly to the transportation company.

Schools in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino County may choose between Mission San Gabriel and Mission San Fernando. Monterey County schools may visit Mission Carmel, Mission Soledad, Mission San Juan Bautista or Mission San Antonio de Padua. Schools in Santa Barbara County may visit Mission Santa Barbara, Mission Santa Ines, Mission La Purisima, Mission San Buenaventura or El Presidio de Santa Barbara, and other counties may apply to schools within in their county.

The school is responsible for contacting the mission or related site as well as the bus transportation company to arrange the date and time of the field trip; and for covering the cost of admission to the mission. To ensure funding is in hand, field trips should be planned between January and December 2022.

Grant Funding Requirements

Each school must submit:

  • Application with attached invoice from bus company.
  • School Check Request Form to be submitted with invoice from bus company with application.

After visiting the mission or related historical site, each teacher is asked to submit a report via email to schools@californiamissionsfoundation.org.

Each AATB Report must include:

  • A brief summary (no more than one page in Word doc) outlining the date of your visit, highlights of your visit, and should include “quotes” from teachers and students regarding their experience.
  • Pictures (3-5 jpeg pictures separately attached via email) of their students interacting at the mission.
  • Photo Permission Form for student pictures to be used in the CMF Newsletter, website and promotional materials.

Schools must submit items 1-5 to receive grant funding in October.



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