Virtual Tour

3-D Imaging Re-creates Living Spaces Used In Mission Times

For the past several years, CMF has been working with archaeologists to piece together the long-disappeared Indian Quarters that once housed upwards of 1,000 Salinan at Mission San Miguel. Funds from a mitigation settlement between the County of San Luis Obispo and a local developer who unlawfully bulldozed remnants of the original Indian Quarter footings has made this fascinating recreation possible. Using both terrestrial and ground penetrating radar scans, a team of video experts have been able to recreate the Mission San Miguel Indian Quarters in a way never seen before.

Using precise measurements and an accumulation of data, a 3-D imaging team is in the early stages of bringing the Indian Quarters back to life in a virtual way. The tedious process allows viewers to move through the Indian Quarters virtually, and although the 21 Indian Quarters at the California Missions will probably never be rebuilt, this process allows for the best reality of what the Indian housing structures looked like during the height of Mission times.