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The Boletín series begins with Volume 20, No. 1, continuing the former Newsletter which had a run of 19 volumes. An index of each issue is listed below.


Volume 36, No 1, 2020

Copper Baptismal Fonts in Alta California
By Russell K. Skowronek, Richard E. Johnson, & Brandi Reger

By Robert H. Jackson

The Bourbon Reform-Era New Mission Model
By Robert H. Jackson

H. E. Sir Richard Joseph Menn, G.C.St.G.G.: The Legacy and Works of a
California Missions Master Craftsman
By Rubén G. Mendoza

Professor David Hornbeck, Ph.D.: The Life and Legacy of an Extraordinary
California Historical Geographer [1940-2020]
By David Hornbeck, Rubén G. Mendoza, & Jennifer Lucido

The Beginnings of Mission San Francisco de Asís and El Presidio Real de San Francisco
By  Martha Ann Francisca Vallejo McGettigan


Volume 35, No 1, 2019

The Founding of Mission San Diego de Alcalá
By Iris Engstrand

"The Best Port One One Could Desire"
The Land and Sea Borne Quest to Establish the Real Presidio de San Carlos de Monterey, 1602-1770
By Jennifer A . Lucido & Rubén G. Mendoza

Mission San Antonio de Padua
By Robert L. Hoover

Mission San Gabriel and the Pueblo of Los Angeles
The Early Years
By Steven W. Hackel

Saints, Padres and the People at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
By Daniel E . K Rieger


Volume 34, No 1, 2018

Patriarchal Protesters, Cultural Brokers, and Unlikely Bedfellows
A Lineage of Spanish-Mexican Women in Colonial Alta California
By Jennifer A . Lucido and Scott E . Lydon

Reconstructing Smallpox Mortality on the Missions of Paraguay and Baja California
By Robert H. Jackson

Mission-Era Brick and Tile Makers
Evidence of their Craft
By Virginia Ann Guess Ph.D.

Ynterrogatorio y Respuesta
A Translation of San Luis Obispo's Respuesta to the 1812 Ynterrogatorio by Gónzalez Carvajal
By Marion Winrow Hart

Notes on the Impact of the Indian Auxiliaries in the Colonial and Mexican Settlement of Upper Alta California
The Partnership of Chief Solano and General M.G. Vallejo
By Martha Ann Francis Vallejo McGettigan


Volume 33, No 1, 2017

The Images of the Virgin de la Caridad del Cobre de Cuba and the Unidentified Virgin of Mission Dolores
A Comparison
By Maureen Bourbin

The Della Robbia Reproduction at Old Mission Santa Barbara
An Example of Continuity in Spanish Colonial Art
By Virginia Ann Guess

Environmental Change in the Tolay Valley
The Impacts of Spanish, Mexican, and American Colonialism on the Ecosystems of Central California
By Peter A. Nelson

California Indians, Franciscans, and The Myth of Evangelical Success
By Jonathan Cordero

The Distribution of Mission Property to the Indians of San Luis Obispo Following Secularization
By Robert S . Vessely

The Unfinished Story of María Sylveria Pacheco
A Californio Woman in a Changing Society
By Damian Bacich

Nothing But A Thing
A Visual Glossary of California Mission Era Traditional Technologies and Material Cultures
By Rubén G. Mendoza and Kate M. Mayer

Flora, Fauna, and Food
Changing Dietary Patterns at the Spanish Royal Presidio of Monterey, 1770-1848
By Emily M. Smith, Jennifer A. Lucido, and Scott E. Lydon

When the World Rode In
Bringing Immediate Tumultuous Changes and Transformation of California Forever
By Martha Ann Francisca Vallejo McGettigan


Volume 32, No 1, 2016

California Missions Foundation and Save America's Treasures Grants
A Historical Record of CMF and the National Park Service
By David A . Bolton and Kristina W. Foss

Who Were the Likely Residents of the “Casas Para Familias” at Missions San Juan Bautista and La Purísima Concepción?
By Glenn Farris

The Huatápera and the Sixteenth-Century Franciscan and Augustinian Doctrinas Among the P’urépecha Of Michoacán
By Robert H. Jackson

Twenty One Missions - Hundreds Of Historical Illustrations
By David J. McLaughlin

A Sense of Place Along el Camino Real de las Californias - Photo Essay
By Craig A lan Huber

Camino de Santiago Its History and a Comparison to El Camino Real de las Californias
By David A . Bolton

The Missions and Camino Real of Baja California: A Binational View
By Julia Bendímez Patterson, Antonio Porcayo Michelini, and Lee Panich

I'm Still Here: The Hollister Adobe
By Dennis Judd and Ty O. Smith

The Great Pageants of Mission San Juan Bautista
Bringing the History of California to Thousands
By Martha Ann Francisca Vallejo McGettigan

Exploring Scott O’Dell’s Archive
Island of the Blue Dolphins and its Nineteenth-Century Echoes
By Sara L. Schwebel

Felipe Antonio de Goicoechea (1747-1814)By Jarrell C . Jackman


Volume 31, No 1, 2015

Bilocating the American Mission Borderlands with Saint Serra
By David Hurst Thomas

Mission Santa Clara in a Changing Urban Environment
By Lee Panich

A British Nationalist in California in 1837 and 1839
The Journal of Richard Brinsley Hinds
By Glenn Farris

Pow Wows at the Mission
Identity and Federal Recognition for the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Mission Indians
By Olivia Chilcote

Imagery, Materiality, and Evolving Histories at Mission San Gabriel By Yve Chavez, Cynthia Neri Lewis, and John Macias

A Bastion Too Far
The Underdevelopment of the Royal Presidio of Monterey, 1770-1840
By Jennifer A. Lucido

Dominican Missions in Mexico
Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
By Robert H. Jackson

Archaeological Investigations at the Mission of San Fernando Velicatá, Baja California
By Juan Martín Rojas Chávez and Antonio Porcayo Michelini

The Immaculate Conception, Father Junipero Serra, and the Bifacial Crucifixes of San Fernando Velicata, Baja California
By Antonio Porcayo Michelini

Letter Exchange Between Norman Neuerburg and Edith Webb, 1944-1946
By Jarrel C. Jackman

"They're Just Rocks"
San Miguel Mission Native Quarters, Making Sense of Tragedy
By John M. Foster

Feeding the Congregation at Mission Santa Clara de Asís
By Margret A. Gr aham and Russel K. Skowronek

Animal Bones Can Talk
Interpreting San Diego Presidio Fauna
By Paul G. Chace


Volume 30, No 1, 2014

The Rancho at La Playa
The San Simeon Rancho of Mission San Miguel
By Glenn Farris

Understanding the Berbers
The Many Faces of a Nomadic People
By David A. Bolton

Franciscan Missions in the Yucatan
By Robert H. Jackson

María Santísima Nuestra Señora De La Soledad
The Archaeology and Architectural History of the Ex-Mision de la Soledad, 1791–1835
By Rubén G. Mendoza

"Heroes in These New Lands"
Evolving Colonial Identities at the Spanish Royal Presidio of Monterey
By Jennifer A. Lucido

The Spanish Expedition to Bodega Bay in 1793
A Reconsideration of the “Historical Facts”
By Jarrell C. Jackman

Dr. Platon M. G. Vallejo's Collection of Notes on the Southern Patwin Suysun Language, History and Culture
By Martha Ann Fr ancesca Vallejo McGettigan

The Post–Spanish Era Mission San Antonio de Padua Provides a Rare Look at the Area's Pre–Mission Land and People
By George R. Cartter Photos by Robert A. Cartter

Plotting Out the Land
Diseños and Land Grants in Alta California (1821–1846)
By Jennifer A. Lucido

The Diseños Project
A Geospatial Visualization of the Environmental History of California, 1769–1892
By Rubén G. Mendoza


Volume 29, No 1, 2013

Between a Rock and a Crucifix: Father Junípero Serra in His Own Day
By Steven W. Hackel

The Virgin of the Rosary at Tetela del Volcán: Conversion, the Baptismal Controversy, a Dominican Critique of the Franciscans, and the Culture Wars in Sixteenth Century Central Mexico
By Robert H. Jackson

The Cross and the Spade: Archaeology and the Discovery of the Earliest Serra Chapels at the Royal Presidio of Monterey, 1770–1772
By Rubén G. Mendoza, PH.D.

Decoding the Bones: Spanish Colonial Butchering Practices at the Royal Presidio of Monterey
By Jennifer A . Lucido

Serra's Painter: José de Páez
By Cynthia Neri Lewis

"Grocery Shopping" for Alta California: Documentary Evidence of Culinary Colonization on the Frontier of New Spain
By Margaret Graham & Russell Skowronek

Stories of Spanish California
By Mardith Schuetz-Miller

Mission San Miguel, A Case Study: A New Methodology for California Mission History
By Ryan Thornton, OFM

Franciscan Missions in Alta California and New Mexico: Differences and Similarities
By David J. McLaughlin

"Junípero Serra and the Legacies of the California Missions" Exhibit at the Huntington Library
Reviewed By Anne Petersen

Junípero Serra: California's Founding Father
Reviewed By Dan Krieger

California Missions Night Photography Project
By Paul C. Richmond


Volume 28, No 1 & No. 2, 2011 - 2012 (Double Issue)

The Liturgy of Light: Solar Geometry and Kinematic Liturgical Iconography in an Early 19th Century California Missions
by Rubén G. Mendoza

Wine and Alcohol on the Alta California Frontier
by Russell K. Skowronek and Margaret A. Graham

Sword, Cross or Arrow: Who had the power? – A Perspective of the Coast Miwok Experience at Two Missions
by Betty Goerke

Mission Dolores and the Missing Miraculous Painting
by Lee Davis and Maureen Bourbon

The Zacatecan Franciscans in Alta California: A Misunderstood Legacy
by Damian Bacich, Ph.D

Fighting the Elements: Conservation of Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park (CA-SBA-506)
by Michael H. Imwalle

Chronicles of Light: San Carlos Borromeo, Solar Geometry, and the Architecture of the California Missions
by Jewel Gentry

The Chichimeca Frontier and the Evangelization of the Sierra Gorda, 1550-1770
by Robert H. Jackson

Serra Remembered
reviewed by Robert Hoover

Junipero Serra: His Life, His Legacy and the Missions
reviewed by Martha Ann Francisca Vallejo McGettigan

California Missions Night Photography Project
by Paul C. Richmond


Volume 27, No 1 & No. 2, 2010 (Double Issue)

CORNERSTONES PIEDRAS FUNDACIONALES On the 190th Anniversary of Mission San Raphael: "Let the Miwok be Miwok.
by Bishop Frances A. Quinn

On Accepting the Norman Neuerburg Award
by Knox Mellon

Creating Photo-Portfolios of the Central Coast Missions
by Al Weber

Mission San Juan Capistrano Docent Society: Thirty Years and Counting
by Helen Gavin

Full Circle: Recovery of the Ancestral Lands at Kupa
by John Clements

PERSPECTIVES ON THE MISSIONS PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES Stormy Seas in the Era of Galvez, 1766-1774: The Naval Department of San Blas, Seasonal Weather Patterns and the Fate of the "Monterey Expedition"
by Alan Kemp

Identifying Early Ordnance at the Presidio of Santa Barbara
by Michael Hardwick

Seeing and Believing: Images of Heaven and Hell in the Alta California Missions
by Pamela Huckins

TREASURES FROM THE ARCHIVES TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS A Vaquero Rides the Mission Trail in 1903: From the Journal and Sketchbooks of Artist Jo Mora
by Peter Heller & The Editor

The "Mission Event" Drawings of A.B. Dodge and Alexander Harmer
by David McLaughlin

CURATORS' CORNER ITINERARIO DE EXPOSICIONES Galleons and Globalization: California Mission Arts and the Pacific Rim
by Father Tom Lucas
Incompletely Visible: The Legacy of the San Francisco Bay Area Missions
by Patricia Keats

reviewed by Anne Peterson

A Gift of Angels
reviewed by Clara Bargellini

The Land of Calafia
reviewed by Troy Tiscareño

A Maritime History of Baja California
reviewed by Alan Kemp

Private Women, Public Lives
reviewed by Ea Madrigal

Mission San Juan Capistrano
reviewed by Damian Bacich

Six Generations
reviewed by The Editor

CALIFORNIA VISTAS VISTAS CALIFORNIANAS Reopening the Santa Barbara Mission Crypt
by Ruben Mendoza


Volume 26, No 1 & No. 2, 2009 (Double Issue)

CORNERSTONES PIEDRAS FUNDACIONALES Redirecting the "Mission of the Missions" in the 21st Century: Retrofitting, Restoration and Renewal
by Bishop Richard Garcia, Diocese of Monterey

The 800th Anniversary of the Franciscan Order, 1209-2009
by Brother Bill Short

From the California Missions Foundation
by Knox Mellon

California Missions and California State Parks
by Blaine Lamb

PERSPECTIVES ON THE MISSIONS PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES Repair and Conservation of Mission San Miguel, 2004-2009
by Brother Bill Short, Bob Hoover, Nels Roselund, Leslie Rainer and Aneta Zebala, John Griswold, Pat Taylor and Patricia West

Principles and Methods of Mission Restoration According to
Architect Bernard Maybeck, 1920
by Julianne Burton-Carvajal

Ceramics Rediscovered:  Reshaping Our Understanding of Hispanic Life in Early California
by Russell K. Skowronek, Ronald L. Bishop, M. Jamess Blackman, Michael Imwalle and Ruben Reyes

The Orchard Wall at Mission San Buenaventura
by John Foster

CURATORS' CORNER ITINERARIO DE EXPOSICIONES The Arts of the Missions of Northern New Spain
by Michael Komanecky

Rethinking Exhibitions at the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation
by Anne Petersen

reviewed by Jack Williams

The California Missions:  History, Art, Conservation
reviewed by Clara Bargellini

The Art of the Missions of Northern New Spain
reviewed by Katherine Moore McAllen

From Serra to Sancho
reviewed by Dan Krieger

Musical Life at Mission Santa Clara
reviewed by Lance Beeson

North America's Mission Trail
reviewed by Julianne Burton-Carvajal

IN MEMORIAM Cha Cha Belardes
by Angela D'Arcy, Dawn Belardes Murphy, and Jerry Nieblas

CALIFORNIA VISTAS VISTAS CALIFORNIANAS: Glimpses of Family Life at the U.S. Army Post of San Diego Mission
by John Clements


Volume 25, No. 2, 2008

Visual Representations of Religious Conversion in Spanish American Missions
by Robert H. Jackson

Preliminary Observations on Angels in Religious Art in New Spain
by Susan Anderson Kerr

TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS: "A Visit to Baja California in 1956" The Diary of Fr. Maynard Geiger, O.F.M.

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Photo of Baja California Norte ranchero Sr. Antonio Acuña with statue of St. Dominic (now disappeared) originally in Mission San Fernando de Velicatá
explanatory note by Michael Mathes


Volume 25, No. 1 2008

The Circulation of Flemish Prints in Mexican Missions and the Creation of a New Visual Narrative, 1630-1800.
by Cristina Cruz González

Mission San Antonio de Padua A Chronology of Building.
by David N. Hoover and Robert L. Hoover

TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS: Pablo Tac’s Manuscript “Concerning the Californians.”
by Karl A. Kottman

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Photos of Doña Perfecta Encinal of Mission San Antonio de Padua


Volume 24, No. 2, 2007

NOTE FROM THE EDITORS Toypurina’s Revolt Religious Conflict at Mission San Gabriel In 1785
by James A. Sandos

Tesoros De Los Archivos: Revolt at Mission San Gabriel, October 25, 1785 Judicial Proceedings and Related Documents
Translated From Spanish To English By Rose Marie Beebe And Robert M. Senkewic

Toypuria’s Descendants Three Generations of an Alta California Family
by John R. Johnson and William M. Williams

CORNERSTONES: Safeguarding the Heritage of the California Missions
by Rubén G. Mendoza

The Stations of the Cross Revisited, Reconsidered, And Revised (Sort Of)
by George Harwood Phillips

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Color reproductions of two paintings of Mission San Gabriel by or attributed to Ferdinand Deppe

Volume 23, No. 2, 2006 and Volume 24, No. 1, 2007 (Double Issue)

Helen Hunt Jackson And The California Mission Indians: Selected Letters
by Valerie Sherer Mathes

Historical Presence And Purpose in Antonio María Osio’s La historia de Alta California and Mariano Guadalupe Valleo’s Recuerdos históricos y personales tocante a la Alta California
by Michelle Morton

TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS: Paolo Emilio Botta’s Observations On The Inhabitants Of California
Translated By Anne Milano Appel

CORNERSTONES: Preserving the Native American Artistic Legacy In The California Missions
by Cristina W. Ross

PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES: Searching For Lucía: Chumash Maestra Of The Monjerío At Mission San Luis Obispo De Tolosa
by Betsy Bertrando

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Photo of Antonio Coronel and wife Mariana


Volume 23, No. 1, 2006

Santa Bárbara’s Presidio in Imperial Perspective: Citadel and Theater Set
by David J. Weber

St. Peter the Aleut: Sacred Icon and the Iconography of Violence
by Raymond F. Bucko, S.J.

Comment on Raymond Bucko’s “St. Peter the Aleut: Sacred Icon and the Iconography of Violence”
by James A. Sandos

Mariano Guadalupe Vellejo’s Report on the Derivation and Definition of the Names of the Several Counties of California
by Blaine Lamb

TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS: Three Letters from the Pen of Fray Pedro Font

CORNERSTONES: A Report from the California Missions Foundation
by Knox Mellon
Book Reviews

PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES: The French Connection: French Vineyard Stock on the Roots of California’s Mission Vineyards
by Daniel Krieger

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Photo of Mariano Guadalupe Valllejo watching children at play


Volume 22, No. 2, 2005

Defining and Manning "The Portolá Expedition
by Harry W. Crosby

Pablo Tac's Vocal Remembrance of "Californian"
by Karl Kottman,

SYMPOSIUM: Children of Coyote, Missionaries of Saint Francis: Indian-Spanish Relations in Colonial California, 1769-1850

CORNERSTONES: A Report from the California Missions Foundation

Book Reviews

Marketing The Mission Revival: Commercial Art and the Image of Hispanic California
by Blaine P. Lamb

IN MEMORIAM: Peter Gerhard (1920-2006)
VISTAS: Stereographic Image of Eulalia Pérez


Volume 22, No. 1, 2005

Preserving The Jewel Of The Missions: San Juan Capistrano's Great Stone Church, 1806-2004
by Robert G. Shafer And Christopher Loomis

Three Eras Of Construction At The San Juan Capistrano Mission Church: 1800, 1900, and 2000
by Nels Roselund

Preserving The Great Stone Church: A Project To Conserve The Original Stone Flooring Of The Sanctuary
by Debora De Moraes Rodrigues And Sherry N. DeFreece

TESOROS DE LOS ARCHIVOS: A New Mission Indian Manuscrpt From The San Francisco Bay Area
by Juliette Blevins And Victor Golla


Norman Neuerburg: Hail And Farewell and Msgr. Francis J. Weber, Norman Neuerburg (1926-1997).
Book Reviews
by Andrew A. Galvan,

IN MEMORIAM: Edna Kimbro

CALIFORNIA VISTAS: Mission San Luis Rey.
Three Indian Women At The Re-Dedication Of Mission San Luis Rey On May 12, 1893. (Photo)


Volume 21, No. 2, 2004

Fray Juan Bautista Sancho: Tracing the Origins of California's First Composer and the Early Mission Style (Part II)
by Craig H. Russell

The Transit of Venus in 1769: Launching Pad for European Exploration in the Pacific during the Late Eighteenth Century
by Iris H. W. Engstrand

SYMPOSIUM: Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Mission

PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
by Daniel Kreiger

A Musical Day Of Times Past At The Spanish Colonial Missions Of Alta California, Featuring La Misa En Sol
By Fr. Juan Bautista Sancho

[CD, recorded live at the 21st Annual CMSA Conference at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, February 13, 2004; a copy was enclosed in this issue for members.]

Robert (Bob) Ryal Miller; Fr. Virgilio Biasol, O.F.M.

Mission San Carlos Borromeo, 1949. Photo.


Volume 21, No. 1, Fall 2004

Missions Aborted: California Indian Life on 19th Century Ranchos, 1834-1848
by Stephen W. Silliman

Spaces of Change: Architecture and the Creation of A New Society in the California Missions
by Catherine R. Ettinger

The California Journal of Lt. Edward Belcher Aboard H.M.S. Blossom in 1826 and 1827
by Glenn Farris, Maurice Hodgson, & Andrew David, eds., Annotated by Glenn Farris

Fray Juan Bautista Sancho: Tracing the Origin of California's First Composer and the Early Mission Style Part I
by Craig H. Russell

PERSPECTIVAS MISIONALES: San Miguel Archangel: Pasados, Presente y Futuro
by Dan Krieger



Volume 20, No. 1, Fall 2003 (Boletín's Inaugural Issue)

Converting California: Indians and Franciscans in the Missions, 1769-1836
by James A. Sandos

Emancipation and the Meaning of Freedom in Mexican California
by Lisbeth Haas

Secularization in California and Texas
by James E. Ivey

Conservation of Mission Art
by Carol Kenyon

Yokuts, Spaniards, and Californios in the Southern San Joaquin Valley
by Sasha Honig

Culture, Contact and Colonial Practices: Archaeological Traces of Daily Life in Early San Francisco
by Barbara L. Voss


Book Reviews