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Book Reviews

Reviews of Books related to California's Mission Period

Live Again Our Mission Past 

Written by
Barbara Linse 
Illustrated by 
George Kuska

Reviewed by
Sasha Honig 
Professor Emeritus, History , Bakersfield College


Native Americans at Mission Santa Cruz,1791-1834: 
Interpreting the Archeological Record

Written by
Rebecca Allen 

Reviewed by
Russel K. Skowronek 
Anthropology Department, Santa Clara University


Wandering Through California With Pen & Brush 

Written and illustrated by
Anthony Quartuccio 

Reviewed by
Rose Marie Beebe
Modern languages Department, Santa Clara University


Women and The Conquest of California, 1542-1840: Codes of Silence 

Written by
Virginia M. Bouvier 
University of Arizona 2001

Reviewed by
Robert M. Senkewics 
Professor of History , Santa Clara University